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Located in Harlem USA, the Uptown Comedy Club established itself as the hottest urban comedy club in New York. Showcasing such talent as Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Flex, Robin Harris, Doug E. Doug (Cosby Show) just to name a few. The UCC also had a hit television show on Fox Network distributed by Rysher Company and produced by Bob Banner Associates, which has received rave reviews. Besides entertaining thousands of patrons the celebrities came to feel the vibe; from filmmakers Spike Lee and the Hudlin Brothers to Debbie Allen and Malcolm Jamal Warner. This is the first release in a series of CDs filled with the funniest stars on the circuit today.

THE UPTOWN COMEDY CLUB is the funniest urban comedy album ever: Featuring Capone, Freddie Ricks, Drew Frazier, Jimique, Leslie, Sugar Bear & last but not least Smokey. Order your copy Online today!!!


Featuring Hot Comedians .....

The Comedians ....

Jimique  – The host of our CD is a 6’8" hunk of mocha chocolate is a big favorite on the college scene. Sugar Bear – A regular host at the NY’s Uptown Comedy Club, he rips into any topic like a man on a mission…a mission of comedy. Smokey  – The winner of the 1998 Def Comedy Comedian of the Year Competition, this comedic dynamo packs a powerful punch of laughter from the start to the finish of the set. Definitely one to watch. Drew Frazier – Faster than some speeding bullshit, this comedic superman can overwhelm any room with his quick-witted standup routine, making him a favorite when he performs all across the country. He has warmed up audiences for the Queen Latifah Show and a regular at New York’s Caroline’s Comedy Club an establishment well known for some of the hottest comedic talent in the country. Capone – This Gangster of Comedy can make every audience an offer they can’t refuse, laugh along with the show or be the show. There’s no middle ground here; he takes such command of every comedy club he sets foot in. He has a reputation as one of NY’s #1 crowd pleasers. Freddie Ricks –This man of a thousand voices has the uncanny ability to capture any dialect and create a character. He co-starred in the motion picture "Shaft". When placed in one of his hilariously original situations, he can knock anyone out of their seat with laughter. Leslie – The only female to make the cut on this first edition of the series, she’s been featured in Vibe Magazine for winning the national Bacardi Comedy Contest. Soon to guest star in roles on various sitcoms, Leslie is a talented young showstopper we’ll all be getting more familiar with.



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